Do Boxers REALLY Box?

So, it may seem like a silly question. While, in fact, it’s quite a common question. People want to know do Boxers really box. Now, we’re not talking about the Boxers who get in a ring and fight. We’re talking about a beloved breed, the Boxer dog. Overall, it’s not a silly question either. Because the reality of it is, Boxers kind of DO carry a stance that looks like boxing.

An ideal Boxer will have a muscular frame. You’ll pretty much look at this breed and think one thing to yourself. Boy, this breed looks tough! In the right circumstances, they are great protectors. They will put those muscles to good work.

The breed was first introduced in the 1800s in Germany. Where they weren’t bred to snuggle on the couch with you. Boxers were actually bred to hunt prey with their counterpart, the Bulldog. In fact, it’s believed that the Boxer and Bulldog are closely related. Now, for the most part, that’s not the breed we know and love today. Although they carry that tough appearance.

The Boxers that grace our homes today are full of kisses layered in drool. But, at the same time, they still have the energy to have a good time. Boxers are gentle enough to be around children. At the same time, they are tough enough to scare away a possible intruder. For most families — having a Boxer is a dream come true!

Most Boxers actually get along quite well with other dogs. But, like with any relationship, disagreements tend to happen. In fact, it’s rumored that they got their name from the way they gear up to fight. They’re known to get up on the high legs and then they begin using their paws. It actually does look a lot like boxing.

This stance that the breed takes isn’t actually them squaring up with an opponent. In fact, this trait comes from their instincts for what they were originally bred for. Like it is stated above, Boxers were originally bred to hunt prey. But, this isn’t small prey they were hunting. Instead, Boxers were bred to hunt large prey such as wild boars and bears.

As you are probably aware, a bear and wild boar are much larger than a Boxer. But, it was their job to bring this large prize back to their owner. In order to do this, it’s believed that they developed this “boxing” like stance. They’d use this stance to be able to intimidate and have control over their larger prey. Which apparently worked. Because, it’s a fact that Boxers are good at what they’re bred to do — be a working dog.

So, do Boxers REALLY box? Technically, no. They don’t use their paws to repeatedly hit the “enemy”. Instead they take this boxing stance to overpower. Most of the time it’s a way to take the larger opponent down. Boxers have quite a muscular body stance. There’s no question as to why this stance has worked for them for decades.

Do Boxers REALLY Box?