Do Boxers Make Good Family Pets?

If you’re an active family, you will have no regrets adding a Boxer to your family. Boxers are quite fond of their family. In fact, many are known to be protective when it comes to watching over them. But, just like any breed, the Boxer isn’t right for every family.

The Boxer is quite an intelligent breed. They aim to please. So, most of the time you will find they have no problem at all following commands. It is recommended that you train them as a puppy though. Boxers are known for their high spirit. This is why, in most situations, jumping up becomes a concern. You’ll want to teach your Boxer the “down” position in order to help prevent this behavior.

Should I Add a Boxer to My Family?

Boxers are a social breed. In addition to being social, they also thrive on playtime. You’ll want to assess your current situation before you add a Boxer to your family. Although a great family dog, they are still in the “working group” class of dogs. Simply put, they were bred to do a job. Which has a lot to do with their ready to go personality.

So, should you add a Boxer to your family? Well, it depends. Living with a Boxer does take quite a bit of patience. That’s not saying that they aren’t able to be trained. Because, in fact, it’s the complete opposite for this breed. Like stated above, without a doubt, Boxers aim to please! They are very trainable.

With any training, you have to take the lesson home with you. Simply put, you have to continue to reinforce the skills your Boxer learns during training. Without proper reinforcement at home, all of those lessons may go out the window.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much time you can dedicate to keeping your Boxer active. Boxers are high energy and require quite a bit of exercise. Exercise doesn’t just promote great overall health. It also helps the breed release some of that bouncy energy it has.

There’s two things a lot of families don’t take into consideration when adding a Boxer to their family. This breed is quite famous for it’s endless amount of drool. As well as their very distinct — and smelly — gas they pass on a regular basis. These are super cute traits of a puppy. But, being drooled on by a dog weighing 60+ pounds isn’t for everyone.

If you have other pets already in the home, you’re also in luck. Studies show that Boxers get along great with other animals. They are gentle enough to mingle with the small dogs. At the same time, they have enough stamina and drive to hang with the “big boys”.

In summary, a Boxer is the right direction to go if you’re looking for a dog who has great stamina. They are great for motivating you and your family to get out and moving. They bond well with their family. Plus, they absolutely love children.

Do Boxers Make Good Family Pets?